Our Most Recent Projects

A Vision of the Wild

Conservation in Missouri

The young people of today are correct. The need for effective Conservation is a growing priority. But one precedent has been in place for over 85 years in Missouri.


Last Dance of the Prairie Chicken

Our vast expanse of prairie is rapidly disappearing along with prairie chickens, the iconic symbol of this landscape. Our full-length feature film, purchased by PBS for national viewing, explores the issues.

Some Samples of Our Work

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About Birdman Productions

Founded by Tim Barksdale

Tim began in Columbia, MO as a dba/Birdman Videos and survived on small grants until he picked up several clients - notably The Missouri Department of Conservation. Soon, he had small accounts with 4 states purchasing footage and was producing an introductory piece to the wildlife of one conservation area. But everything changed in the fall of 1993 as Tim visited the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival...